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Max Supply: 14 Million
Masternode Collateral: 5,000 REDN
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Bitcoin Talk

REDEN is a direct continuation of the coin once known as EDEN. On April 4, the developer of EDEN, iodev, ran off with almost 16 bitcoins (around $128,000) worth of investment money that was to be used for exchanges, listings, and developments. Today, the community's response to this terrible incident is the birth of a new coin: REDEN.

How will REDEN help stop scams from occuring?

1. New and current Altcoins will have the opportunity to list on the reden.io website with any amount of collateral in REDEN. There will be no maximum or minimum.
2. On reden.io, anyone can publicly view the collateral offered by the developer.
3. Should the dev run away with the investor's money, scam victims may exchange their coins for a portion the REDEN collateral.
4. REDEN will also create a platform for the community to monitor projects for suspicious activity, and share and implement best practices for good projects.
5. Community polls are posted every step of the way and community members are allowed to vote and decide the future of REDEN at each step of the roadmap.

About Pool

With our unique Shared Masternode Pool, members are not linked to any specific Masternode. So if one of the Masternodes in the pool goes down for any reason, our members do not have to worry about missing out on any rewards, as the other Masternodes in that pool will still be earning for them! Members no longer have to worry about joining and having to wait for seats in a new Masternode to fill up. Nor do they need to worry about exiting and destroying a Masternode, thus leaving other members/friends stuck waiting on a replacement. At EvoNodes, these are all problems of the past.

By joining our Shared Masternode Pool, you are ensuring your are compounding faster and more efficiently than they were with that "other service." We have an Auto-Reinvest feature that automatically reinvests your rewards every 8 hours! Combine that with the ability to mine directly to your very own personal deposit address, automatically investing your mining rewards into the Pool after each Reward Payout, you get compounding like you never thought possible! That is just the beginning, check out some more of our awesome Features Here.

How To Join

1. Register here with a valid and useable E-Mail address!

2. Go to the Pools page, find the Pool, and click on "Join Pool".

3. You will be taken to your personal dashboard for that coin. Under "Pool Overview" you will find your personal Deposit address. You can even add this address to your mining rig's .bat file!

4. Send funds to your custom deposit address any time you like, as often as you like, in whatever increments you like. Once your total balance if over the minimum required for this Masternode Pool, your funds will be included in the pool and will begin getting rewards.

5. Repeat step 4 to add more funds whenever you want!