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The Next Evolution inShared Masternodes

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Mission StatementPurpose of Evonodes

Brought to you by the same people behind MyCryptoStats.com. EvoNodes.com. Our goal is clear to provide on the Platform:

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How are we doing it?

Hybrid Shared Masternode or Staking Pools

Now the Pool will be earning both PoS & Masternode Rewards! Everyone in that pool will receive the MN/PoS rewards proportionally, based off each members percentage of coins held in the pool. If your coins make up 20% of the pool, you get 20% of all the MN & PoS rewards.

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Customer Service

The team at EvoNodes prides itself on providing the best customer service in the industry with quick response times and good old fashioned Southern Hospitality. When you join one of our Shared Masternode Pools, you join our Family, and we vow to respect you and your coins as such.

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Effeciently Service

With EvoNodes your coins will compound faster and more effeciently than any other Shared Masternode service in the industry! We have an Auto-Reinvest feature that automatically reinvests your rewards every 8 hours! Add, ability to mine directly to your very own personal deposit address, automatically investing your mining rewards after each Masternode Pool reward Payout.

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Not to worry about missing rewards

With our unique Shared Masternode Pools, members are not linked to any specific Masternode. So if one of the Masternodes in a pool goes down for any reason, our members do not have to worry about missing out on any rewards, as the other Masternodes in that pool will still be earning for them!

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Crypto Community

We are building EvoNodes for the crypto community at large. We believe you deserve a place you can trust and rely on. The crypto space is filled with great projects, but there are also some scams out there. Therefore, the team at EvoNodes will always do our best to reaserch the coins we list in order to protect our community members.

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Image Custom Dashboard
Custom Dashboard

You can track all of your different masternode rewards in once place!

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Image No Seats
No Seats

Just deposit to a pool and start earning. You don't have to wait.

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Image Address
Unique Address

Get your unique Evo address, just for you, and only you.

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Image Fees
No Hidden Fees

We don't charge for deposit or withdraw, set up and penalty fees.

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Image Earnings
Real Earnings

Start earning within 8 hours, with as little as 1 coin. Rewards are 3/24h.

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Securely withdraw anytime. We use cold wallets for support.

Image Compound
Compound Earnings

Automatically compound, with our intuitive reinvest system.

Image Low Cost
Low Cost

Our only Fees: $2 fee on Masternode rewards. 4% fee on staking pools.

How to Get Started

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/01 Register

Register here. Please make sure that you supply a valid and useable E-Mail address! Go to the Pools page, find the coin you are interested in, and click on "Join.".

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/02 Check Your Personal Dashboard

You will be taken to your personal dashboard for that coin. Under "Pool Overview" you will find your personal Deposit address. You can even add this address to your mining rig's .bat file!

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/03 Send Funds

Send funds to your custom deposit address any time you like, as often as you like, in whatever increments you like. Once your total balance if over the minimum required for that Masternode Pool, your funds will be included in the pool and will begin getting rewards. Repeat step 4 to add more funds whenever you want!

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