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Mission Statement - The Next Evolution in Shared Masternodes! Brought to you by the same people behind features the fastest compounding of coins in the industry. Our goal is simple. To provide a top tier, rock solid, trustworthy service for our members to compound their Proof of Stake and Masternode coins, as fast and effeciently as possible, and with full transparency.

Here is how we are doing it

For coins with both Proof of Stake and Masternodes, we feature Hybrid Shared Masternode/Staking Pools. When we launch a new Shared Masternode Pool, all coins deposited up until the first Masternode is online, will Stake. Helping to get to that first Masternode faster! Once that first Masternode is set up, any coins deposited into the Pool after that will also Stake. Now the Pool will be earning both PoS & Masternode Rewards! Everyone in that pool will receive the MN/PoS rewards proportionally, based off each members percentage of coins held in the pool. If your coins make up 20% of the pool, you get 20% of all the MN & PoS rewards.

With our unique Shared Masternode Pools, members are not linked to any specific Masternode. So if one of the Masternodes in a pool goes down for any reason, our members do not have to worry about missing out on any rewards, as the other Masternodes in that pool will still be earning for them! Members no longer have to worry about joining and having to wait for seats in a new Masternode to fill up. Nor worry about exiting and destroying a Masternode, thus leaving other members/friends stuck waiting on a replacememnt. At, these are all problems of the past.

With your coins will compound faster and more effeciently than any other Shared Masternode service in the industry! We have an Auto-Reinvest feature that automatically reinvests your rewards every 8 hours! Combine that with the ability to mine directly to your very own personal deposit address, automatically investing your mining rewards after each Masternode Pool reward Payout, you get compounding like you never thought possible! That is just the beginning, check out our other awesome Features.

We are building for the crypto community at large. We believe you deserve a place you can trust and rely on. The crypto space is filled with great projects, but there are also some scams out there. We too have fallen victim to some of these scams. Therefore, the team at will always do our best to reaserch the coins we list in order to protect our community members and our reputation. We will do our best to list solid coins with solid teams behind them.

The team at prides itself on providing the best customer service in the industry with quick response times and good old fashioned Southern Hospitality. When you join one of our Shared Masternode Pools, you join our Family, and we vow to respect you and your coins as such. For more information on how to join, check Here.


Keeping it Simple!

Unique & Personal deposit addresses - This is one of our flagship features! These addresses never expire, they are yours for life! We will never change them! You can even place these addresses right into your .bat file or config file and mine directly to a Masternode pool. Allowing for the fastest compounding of coins possible

One-of-a-Kind In-House-Built Discord Bot - This lil' guy makes joining, exiting, & tracking your holdings, as easy as 123

Website - Our site has a sick dashboard, with an insane amount of info to track your holdings! Join or exit right from the dashboard

Website + Discord Bot - No more waiting on Google Sheets to be updated

No More Seats!

No "seats" - Just deposit to a pool and start earning. Members do not have to wait on a node to fill when joining, and do not have to worry about destroying a node when exiting, these are problems of the past

No collateral locks - No one likes having their coins locked from them, they're YOUR coins after all

Strong relationships with coin developers - We work very closely with the developers of all the coins we support. If they join the Discord server they are given the @Coin Developers role

Payouts every 8 hrs - We feature the fastest compounding in the industry! Rewards are processed 3 times a day automatically! Who wants to wait days or even weeks for their rewards? Uh no one that's who!

No Hidden Costs!

No penalty fees - Fees suck

No set up fees - Seriously, we don't like fees either

No deposit/withdraw fees - Fees are bad hmmmk

$2 fee on Masternode rewards

4% fee on staking pools - These are the only fees! There are 2 things that keep this service going. Our Servers, and Coffee. We do need to pay these.

EvoNodes charges a hosting fee of $2.00 per month per full masternode, substracted automatically from the masternode rewards. This equates to $0.06 per day per full masternode.

EvoNodes features a dynamic sliding scale fee system. Fees will dynamically change to meet that $2 hosting fee, with a minimum of 1% in fees.

To see the exact % fee that is used to meet the $2 target, login to your EvoNodes account, and go to the Pool's Page. Fees can also be found in the Overview section on your personal Dashboard.

If a masternode can not earn $2 per month, without going over a 75% fee, it will be switched to a Proof-of-Stake Pool, and charged a 4% fee like all of the other PoS pools. If a coin is more profitable to run at POS we will not wait until 75%, and if a coin does not support PoS we will still cap it at 75%.

This is very important. As most services would just delist a coin for falling below a certain earnings threshold, EvoNodes will NOT. As long as the coin/project is actively being developed, EvoNodes will not delist them. We do not find it a fair business practice to charge a listing fee, only to end support if market conditions aren’t favorable. Things like this can be temporary, or even not warranted, and are completely out of the developers hands.

EvoNodes will only delist a project if it is fully abandoned by the developers, or actively harmful to our users.

Fees are deducted from reward balances before every reward reinvestment cycle

Reward Reinvestment Cycles happen 3 times a day, or once every 8 hours

Under Lock and Key

No limits on deposits/withdraws - Deposit and withdraw as often or as little as you like! Everything is handled automatically, unless you are withdrawing a large amount, then either Tech or Smokey have to step in and manually approve it. For your safety you must also manually approve the withdraw, via an email confirmation. We do not keep large amounts of coins in hot wallets

Cold Wallets - We use cold wallet masternode set up for all coins that support it!

How to Get Started

How to get Started using our Discord Bot:

1: Join our Discord

2. Under the "Shared-Masternodes" category, find the channel for the coin you wish to join. (in this example we will use #straks-stak). Type the command !help in this channel to see a helpful list of other cammands you can use.

3: PM our bot, @EvoBot, using the following command: !register <YourEmail> (replace "YourEmail" with your actual email address and leave out the <>). Please make sure that you supply a valid and useable E-Mail address as it will be used for intergration into the website as well!

4: Now go back the the #straks-stak channel in the EvoNodes server, and tell the bot you wish to join that pool, by using this command: !join

5: By successfully registering in step 3 and joining the pool in step 4, our bot @EvoBot, will PM you a custom DEPOSIT address. This is your personal private deposit address. It is valid for life, we will never change your deposit address! You can even add this address to your mining rig's .bat file or config file for insane compounding of your coins!

6: Send funds to your custom deposit address any time you like, as often as you like, in whatever increments you like. Once your total balance is over 0.01, the minimum required for our Shared Masternode Pools, your funds will be included in the pool and will begin getting rewards based off of their percentage of the whole pool.

7: Repeat step 6 to add more funds whenever you want! Use !balance to check your balance, or use !help for other cool commands.

How to get started using the website:

1: Register here. Please make sure that you supply a valid and useable E-Mail address!

2: Go to the Pools page, find the coin you are interested in, and click on "Join."

3: You will be taken to your personal dashboard for that coin. Under "Pool Overview" you will find your personal Deposit address. You can even add this address to your mining rig's .bat file!

4: Send funds to your custom deposit address any time you like, as often as you like, in whatever increments you like. Once your total balance if over the minimum required for that Masternode Pool, your funds will be included in the pool and will begin getting rewards.

5: Repeat step 4 to add more funds whenever you want!